Happy New Year !!!

Announcement by The SPfreaks Team

Poster Paard

Last year, we ended with that one-of-a-kind German vinyl test pressing for Tristessa. This year we’re putting the spotlight on another very rare European Smashing Pumpkins item. Not as unique as the vinyl test pressing though. On the left, an almost spotless 1992 Dutch tour poster that was found on eBay very recently. With these kind of items, you have to realize that only a few dozen of these posters were made in the early days of Smashing Pumpkins, in a period when they were rather unknown still. Almost all of them were used back then, and got subsequently destroyed. This poster however, found it’s way into someone’s collection. Discuss your SP fandom or your SP collection on our Forum, if you like!

In the meantime, SPfreaks.com wishes you a rocking 2010…