Teargarden EP 1: Songs For A Sailor can be pre-ordered

 Update by Arthur van Pelt

The very first EP of Smashing Pumpkins’ epic new album Teargarden By Kaleidyscope (epic: 44 free songs, 11 CD EPs, combined with 7″ vinyl releases with 2 extra songs each and topped off with a goodie) can be pre-ordered online for delivery around April 20, as most of the hardcore fans already found out. But the prices differ a lot here and there.

From rather cheap to quite expensive:

01. CD Universe (US$ 23.98)
02. Amazon US (US$ 23.99)
03. InSound.com (US$ 29.99)
04. bol.com (€ 29.99 = US$ 40.51)
05. Amazon UK (£ 27.49 = US$ 41.92, but includes free shipment in UK)
06. Amazon DE (€ 39.44 = US$ 53.71, but includes free shipment in Germany)

InSound.com gives us the following description of the content: “Songs for a Sailor is packaged in a silk-screened wooden box (7 1/4″ tall x 8″ wide x 1.05″ thick). Each box contains: a 4-song CD (with four new Smashing Pumpkins songs and instrumental intros), a 7” vinyl single (containing a new song and a B-Side), and a hand-carved “leopard stone” obelisk, about 2″ tall, similar to marble. Tracks include the guitar squealing “Song for a Son”, “Widow Wake My Mind” – a jagged-chorded, keyboard-buttressed ballad; “Astral Planes”, and “A Stitch in Time”.”