The Tower of Oceania

Article researched and written by Derek Miller, Geo Folkers & Arthur van Pelt

Now, with the official release of the Oceania album today (though many of you have received it already a few days ago, lucky you!), it is time to reveal some information about the tower that dominates the front artwork of this latest Smashing Pumpkins album.

It is named: the CARY AVENUE TOWER

The Cary Avenue Tower is located in Highland Park, Illinois (US). It was built in 1931, and was added to the National Register of Historic Places on June 30, 1983.

The Cary Avenue Tower, with an address of 883 Sheridan Road, is near the water pumping station along the lake front north of Rosewood Beach. Therefore, the tower is also known under the local name Rosewood Tower. It overlooks Lake Michigan from a little hill on the shore. The impressive, Art Deco brick and stone, tower has limestone coursing around the door and vent openings. It is topped by a stainless steel ornamental spire. Its original use was as a ventilation stack, but it is no longer in use for that function.

So now you know…


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