Looking for writers

Article by The SPfreaks Team

SPfreaks.com needs your help to fill our new WordPress blog with articles. If possible, we want to get in touch with Smashing Pumpkins fans/writers, and see if they are willing to have their articles, after a little review and editing process, to be published on SPfreaks WordPress.

Next to that, a few years ago, Smashing Pumpkins asked fans to cooperate in a writing contest, and several of those fans were chosen to write on behalf of SmashingPumpkins.com. Unfortunately, after a while, the setup of the website of the band was changed and the writers concept did not come back. Also, there is no Online Archive where we can find and read those well written articles again. We want to host those articles, and this time forever, on SPfreaks WordPress.

While we appreciate all submissions, it will ultimately be up to the discretion of The SPfreaks Team to decide what articles are hosted at SPfreaks WordPress. We presume there are no copyright issues, but we are not sure. Who knows more? Who wants to submit his/her old SP.com article(s) to us? Please contact us at TheSPfreaksTeam.

Thanks for your help, fellow Smashing Pumpkins freaks!


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